Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Bolletje, Dirk and six other companies have misled customers with wholegrain products, the Advertising Code Commission (RCC) judges Thursday.

These are products such as rusks, biscuits and crispbread that were called "whole-grain" while white flour was used. The consumer organization foodwatch then filed complaints about ten companies.

The RCC agreed with foodwatch and found that all ten companies acted in breach of European regulations. It states that information about food must not be misleading.

The packaging did not state or stated clearly that the products contained white flour.

New wholemeal directive ignored

Foodwatch claims to have submitted the complaints because, according to the watchdog, companies continue to mislead customers about wholegrain products, although a new wholegrain directive was set up by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) almost two years ago.

The products in question are wholemeal croutons from Albert Heijn, wholemeal crispbread from Van Vlegelaar (Bachman at Aldi), Bolletje farmer's biscuit (dark wholemeal), Jumbo wholemeal biscuits, Detailresult wholemeal biscuits from Dirk, Go Tan Whole Wheat Noodles, Patria wholemeal food biscuits, Superunie Bio - + wholemeal noodles, Superunie Gwoon wholemeal biscuits and Molenaar wholemeal spelled biscuits.