For the second time, the DJs of NPO3FM will be making miles in the week before Christmas and raising money for the Red Cross, this year for victims of human trafficking. talks to Sander Hoogendoorn, Eva Koreman and Rámon Verkoeijen about Serious Request: The Lifeline and the nearly 500-kilometer walking tour from Goes to Groningen that they - this time together with listeners - will take.

Both Hoogendoorn (on the right in the photo), Koreman (second from the left) and Verkoeijen (third from the right) are participating for the second time. Last year Koreman formed a running duo with Sander Hoogendoorn, this time she can cover the many kilometers with Frank van der Lende.

"You have a different kind of chemistry with everyone", she says in conversation with "With Frank, I have a tendency to do a little glanding, we put that together." The Expedition Robinson participant looks up to one thing. "That Frank is so tall. If he runs at his own pace with those long legs, I have to trot and I am the smaller female who is dribbling after him. But this time I am wearing different shoes. Last time I ended the tour with eighteen blisters, the last pieces I walked on anger, willpower and ibuprofen. "

Verkoeijen will cover the kilometers again with Mark van der Molen, with whom he also makes an afternoon program. "If you walk outside together at 3.00 am to make radio, it creates a different band than working together in the studio. Mark and I even agreed on tricks together. Then I said for example that my sock was double and that I had to do this well and then we could sit for another ten minutes. "

Hoogendoorn walked together with Koreman last year, this time he has Herman Hofman as walking partner. "In terms of energy, it becomes calmer," says the DJ. "Eva is a jump-in-it field, you throw in a quarter and you enjoy six hours of it." Hoogendoorn and Hofman are certainly no strangers to each other: "For 3FM we were already at the same station, like young pants trying to get in between. He has the heart in the right place."

"See procession for me with lanterns and Christmas hats"

New this year is that the DJs are also accompanied by listeners, who can follow parts of the route.

"Last year the run-up to the promotion was very short, in three months a concept was created," says Hoogendoorn. "In all the hustle and bustle it didn't happen that people would walk with it. This is the nicest part of the whole action, it fits well with 3FM. We are not a station with overpaid DJs, but are one with the listener. I look at it to walk with the listeners and feed each other with stories. "

Koreman sees a romantic image. "With a procession that runs in the dark, with lanterns and Christmas hats. It is enormously nice that people can experience it actively with us and that they no longer just look at a few dolls in a house."

"People found three goals too many"

The campaign attracted less interest from listeners, viewers and media last year than when Serious Request was still taking place in a glass house. The total revenue was also lower than in the previous years. 3FM raised a total amount of 1.4 million euros in 2018, which was a lot less than the last edition of the Glass House (more than 5 million euros).

"Change is always difficult," says Koreman. "They didn't know what it would look like, how it would sound on the radio. I think it will be okay this year. People know the concept better and saw last year that it is beautiful, pure and honest radio."

"Last year we had three goals, which many people thought was too much," Verkoeijen adds. "I wasn't in favor of it either, because you force people to choose."

"The route we are currently walking is much easier to communicate", says Hoogendoorn. "We walk from Goes to Groningen, which action can be explained in one sentence. The goal, human trafficking, is also a great goal that you can put on the agenda in one week. Many people do not know what is involved in human trafficking : that it also takes place in the Netherlands, that it even happens in schools. That is a secondary side effect of the action: that people also learn something from it and can help do something about it. "