Ikebukuro runaway accident The bereaved family submits a strict punishment signature to the Public Prosecutor's Office September 20 18:38

In an accident where an elderly driver's car ran out of control in Tokyo Ikebukuro and a young girl and mother died, the bereaved family members submitted a signature to the Public Prosecutor's Office for strict punishment.

In April, Mana Matsunaga (31) was riding a bicycle in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, where a passenger car driven by a former official of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Kozo Iizuka (88), ran out of pedestrians. And the eldest daughter Reiko-chan (3) died.

The Metropolitan Police Department has been investigating on the suspicion of lethal driving and injury.

After the accident, Matsunaga's husbands and their bereaved members signed a request for strict punishment to the driver, and submitted the signatures for the 391,136 people to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on the afternoon of the 20th.

After the submission, the bereaved family held a press conference. Among them, Matsunaga's husband said, “Thank you for your gratitude. Many people have signed and are interested in it. I hope that this will also be an opportunity for discussion. "

In addition, Mana's father Yoshinori Uehara, who attended the press conference, said, "I want the perpetrators to be punished as soon as possible."

After the accident, there was a surge in the return of driver's licenses in Tokyo.