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      A young man drowns while offering to marry his lover


      Stephen Weber died this week, according to his fiancée, Kenisha Antoine, through a post on her Facebook page that said she had died in Tanzania. In him: "You did not come out of that water

      A young American has died in Tanzania after applying for a marriage to his underwater fiancée, Fox News reported on Tuesday.

      Stephen Weber died this week, according to his fiancée Kenisha Antoine, through a post on her Facebook page, saying: "You did not get out of that water so you did not hear my answer .. a million Yes .. I will marry you."

      Kenisha published a video showing Stephen diving underwater and showing him a paper in a plastic bag that read: "Are you becoming my wife? Are you marrying me?"

      "We will not celebrate together a new beginning for our lives, because what is supposed to be the best day of our lives has turned into the worst," the girl said in her influential words.

      Kenisha or the authorities in Tanzania and the media did not disclose the cause of Stephen's death.

      Source: emara

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