CAIRO (Reuters) - CAIR has filed a complaint against Air Canada on behalf of a Muslim girl who said she was forced to remove her headscarf in front of a flight to San Francisco, the CAIR said on Thursday.

"The board is concerned that Muslims traveling on Canadian Airways may face similar treatment if the nature of the company's policies and procedures is not clarified," Ahmed Rafiqi, the legal and civil rights coordinator at the San Francisco branch of the board, told the local KPX website in San Francisco. ".

Rafiqi demanded that "Canada" sincerely apologize to the family of the girl Fatima Abdul Rahman (13 years).

Abdul Rahman's family wants to apologize in writing from the Canadian airline, refusing to acknowledge the explanation published by "Canada" on "Twitter", in response to her complaint.

The incident began when Fatima was forced to remove her headscarf in front of the plane she was traveling in August, returning to San Francisco, despite completing a security check at the gates, and refused her request to remove the veil in a private room or place.