Ali al-Hudhaifi, the Imam of the Prophet's Mosque, was subjected to a health condition that led him to hospital.

Local Saudi reports said al-Hudhaifi, 72, suffered a stroke, but his condition was stable and began to improve.

The announcement of Al-Hudhaifi's illness raised fears among his fans, who used to hear his voice in the five daily prayers of the Prophet's Mosque.

Ali bin Abdulrahman bin Ali bin Ahmed Al-Huthaifi was born in 1947 in the village of Al-Qarn Al-Mustaqim in Al-Awamir, south of Mecca.

Sheikh Al-Hudhaifi holds a Ph.D. from Al-Azhar University. Even today.

Al-Hudhaifi is one of the most prominent readers in Saudi Arabia and the Islamic world, and participates in a large number of religious seminars in many countries, and radio and television channels broadcast his Quranic readings.