• UN.The last five years have been the warmest ever recorded

Fighting climate change is very expensive. And some will cost more than others. So it is necessary to prepare what the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, has described as " income transfers " in order to " distribute the cost equally " and " compensate the losers ." Losers that in principle are workers in companies linked to fossil fuels , such as coal and oil, although other activities, such as agriculture , have an even greater impact on global warming.

Borrell, who is in New York to participate in the General Assembly of the United Nations, has affirmed that "to make people believe that they can 'decarbonize' without having a cost is a Chinese story, it is to deceive people." The Spanish Foreign Minister insisted that "it is important that society understand that the transition to a carbon-free economy is not free ."

Borrell's statements seem to be a foretaste of the speech that the acting government president, Pedro Sánchez, is going to give at the UN Climate Summit at 5 p.m. tomorrow (11 p.m. on the Peninsula), in which will propose a plan to carry out what qualifies as a " just transition " towards a carbon-free economy.

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