The last days were not happy on some stars and chased them a lot of sudden diseases, and the most prominent victims of the disease artist Mervat Amin, who had a mysterious illness forced her to bed for several days and once it improved her only daughter Mona Hussein Fahmy fell ill mysterious and fell victim to intensive treatment and diagnosed doctors as a disease He is called a nerve and is still being treated for it and was said to be the same disease as her mother.

The bride of the artistic center here, Zahid, was also the most prominent victim of the disease, where she was attacked by a mysterious disease while in Singapore, she is spending her honeymoon with her husband, the young artist Ahmed Fahmy, and she was detained with intensive care there. Ahmed was forced to seek help from the Egyptian Embassy to help her treat her and reach some doctors to find out the causes of her strange illness. A frightening rash on her face has terrified her husband from being infected with a dangerous virus.

The artist Ahmed Wafik suffered severe pain in the throat and vocal cords during the last period forced him to undergo a very urgent surgery he conducted in the city of Casablanca in the Kingdom of Morocco.
There was a panic among fans of the artist Ahmed Wafik because of the ambiguity of his situation and the sudden interruption of communication with everyone, especially as he always interacted through his pages on social networking sites .. The Union of Representative Professions headed by Dr. Ashraf Zaki had to issue a statement to respond to rumors that spread about the artist's health.

The representative professions union said in its publication: ?artist Ahmed Wafik surgery in the throat and vocal cords, in the Kingdom of Morocco, and Wafik return to Egypt in the coming days after the completion of his recovery, and the end of the period of recuperation advised by the therapist .. The union reassures his audience that he is fine and needless To worry. "

Sawsan Badr is still suffering from the effects of her knee joint surgery, which made her unable to move normally until a few days and caused severe pain in the knee, which was almost chronic in her decision to perform urgent surgery, which prevented her from attending the last El Gouna Film Festival. The festival's chief jury was forced to rely on director Marwan Hamed to save the situation.