The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development organized an extensive brainstorming workshop, with the participation of 28 governmental and semi-governmental bodies, to discuss efforts to develop and update the national identity strategy. It is a strategy that aims to emphasize the general and fundamental constants of the UAE, and to establish the principles of the founder of the state, in order to follow in the footsteps of the founding fathers, and to preserve the components of the UAE national identity, in light of all contemporary variables, to remain an authentic identity in its spirit renewed in its form.

The Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, Noura Bint Mohammed Al Kaabi said: “While we seek to consolidate the principles of national identity in the hearts of our young generations, especially in light of the tremendous social development in the UAE, we must bring together all relevant parties to discuss this issue, which For us, it is a national issue and a top priority. National identity is the foundation on which everything rises. It is the compass that guides us on our current and future path. National identity is the spirit of the Emirates, and it expresses our values, customs and traditions, and reflects the essential cultural elements, such as religion and language. Walt Rech geographical ocean, and other influential factors. ?

“The UAE, despite its rapid development and openness to the world, is at the same time one of the most conservative societies of its national identity,” said Hessa Thalak, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development at the Ministry of Community Development. The future, which we have to convey with care and attention to the new generations. ”

Essa Al Mazrouei, Vice Chairman of the Committee for the Management of Festivals and Cultural Programs in Abu Dhabi, stressed the need to highlight the principles of the Founding Fathers in the new strategy and to focus on the principles of the founder of the state, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan. And work, humanity, respect, dialogue and neighborhood, in addition to the future vision that characterized the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in the management of affairs internally and externally. Hana Lootah, CEO of the Deira Center for Studies and Opinion, said: “It was necessary to re-unite efforts to support the general constants that constitute the state entity and deepen the essence of individuals belonging to them, so that the UAE remains a unique model for the modern state that spares no effort to catch up with the development of civilization. "But it maintains its distinctive identity despite its openness."

The Ministry outlined the strategy, which is being developed by the Ministry's heritage and arts sector. The strategy will focus on three main dimensions: affirming the general principles of the state, consolidating the principles of the founder of the state, and preserving the authenticity of the UAE identity.

Nora Al Kaabi:

"National identity is the compass that guides us on our right path, present and future."

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"The UAE is one of the most conservative societies of its national identity."