20 paintings presented by ?Media Ecstas?, to the young artist and civil engineer based in Dubai, Ahmed Emad, hosted by the exhibition and studio of art and design (Art Designs) at ?Circle Avenue? in Dubai, and will continue until the end of October.

Over the course of 45 days, the exhibition opens doors to host the first individual exhibition of the work of the young artist Imad, which translates the reality of human life and sees it daily, where he sees that with each morning a new day most people start browsing social media and follow the latest news of each other, which It can cause stress and depression as a result of comparing their lives with other people and feeling a desire to imitate them and follow their actions.

The artist Ahmed Imad that he was keen to participate in 20 paintings reflect the effects of social networking sites on the owner and isolation imposed on many, pointing out that ?the artist must be a good follower of what is happening in society, and what is going on between people, and the concerns of the public derives his ideas and drawings ?. He went on: ?What the artist is going through experiences, experiences and works, affecting him and influenced by it, so he chose contemporary abstract art to express his ideas, to make every work presented by a story that tells a certain wisdom, hoping that his works will succeed in communicating the idea?.

Through each work, Emad tried to ask the only question: Can a few pictures or publications reflect true happiness in ourselves? The answer is also one and iteration is that the comfort and tranquility felt by man can not be measured through leaflets and some pictures.

`` He studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Sharjah, where he loved painting and colors, especially distinctive and exotic, and found his way to attract people and draw attention to his various works that carry a certain social message. ''

"The leaflets always fail to present the original image and reveal the truth of human inner spirits. In addition, they will create an unnecessary false illusion and draw more fake imaginations," he said.

“The media plays a major role in mental health disorders when it comes to shaping our beliefs and building our ideas. Through his new exhibition, he wanted to portray the impact of the media on our lives in different ways,” he said. His search for an idea for him and even finishing it delves into the details, so he goes through several stages to bring it out in its final form, to move between perception and inspiration and reflection on the course of life ?, stressing that he is trying to contain every artwork presented by a message focused on the effects of social media.

- The artist tried to wonder, can a few pictures or publications reflect the true happiness in ourselves?

- Media plays a key role in mental health disorders, when it comes to shaping our beliefs and building our ideas.