In his long quest for excellence, the champion of the free show, the UAE's Mana Al Marzouqi, remains committed to his principles, raising the ceiling of his ambitions to spread this sport, and the creation of a young generation of Emiratis able to compete regionally and internationally in the sport ?Flyboard?, after the hero revealed his intention The formation of a UAE team specialized in this sport, and is currently busy training a group of young people to participate in two big shows in Europe, on the sidelines of the Emirates Today, on the occasion of his selection as a friend of the Swiss luxury brand ?Ulysse Narden?, in an event held by the brand , Coincide m The opening of new stores in Dubai.

Regarding the success system that Marzouki is one of the most remarkable models, the UAE champion said: “One of the most important keys to success is the great support provided by our country, and the opportunities available to us to expand our successes, which take us towards the global, and perhaps the most important is the organization of tournaments, sports tours and big updated awards. “Today, the sport has become a major development as a result of the great encouragement of those responsible and the various incentives they receive to reach the world and compete with the largest countries in the maritime competitions.”

Confident and ambitious

“I don't consider myself a collector of rare watches,” Manea said. “I always look for the durability, quality, accuracy and multifunctionality of the watch that I want, a practical piece that I can wear inside and outside the water.” “I am delighted with the trust that I have put in this personal brand, because we both have the same passion and spirit of what we do. “Whenever I got to know the brand, I realized that it was the perfect partner for my adventurous life.” “I think that both of us have a passion for adventure and a spirit of sport that pushes new boundaries. What most brings us together is the close bond and historical relationship of both of us with the sea. It is true that each of us has its own field and success in a particular sector, but we have a deep-rooted relationship with the rich maritime heritage. ”

Projects and concerns

In addition to the societal missions that the UAE Champion is busy with, the Mana Marzouki focuses his current interests on a number of important sporting challenges that he is preparing for before the end of 2019.``There are competitions I am preparing for now, including the first Formula Speedboat, which It will be on the 18th of this month, in addition to the tournament of the King's Cup of Thai cycling to be held on the fifth of next December, and a number of other projects and future plans important, most notably the two attempts to form a team in the UAE (flyboard), where I am currently training a group From Al Sheba This year, I was invited to participate in two major reviews in Europe, one in the Netherlands and the other in Belgium, which led me to think about forming a team of at least three people to deliver consistent reviews in Europe. Countrywide Offers.

Successes and celebration

His Excellency Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, was honored by Mana Al Marzouqi as the Sports Achievement Award presented by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, for 2018. Board. “The honors are always a great catalyst for more successes and a great motivation for all athletes,” he said. We have always been honored in 2017 at the Indigo Flyboard World Championship 2017 for three consecutive years: 2017, 2018 and 2019. ''

Mana also won first place in the European International Cycling Championships in the first round of the world championships in Belgium, which he described as ?the victory is the first of its kind in Europe, although I had previously won first place in the world championship, It was also something new to me and a unique experience, especially since I won first place at the expense of a strong German competitor and among 17 other competitors from around the world. ”

Young people first

Combined as a fixed tournament called the Emirates Flyboard Championship, the UAE World Champion is concentrating its efforts on creating a UAE-based team that is capable of competing locally and globally. “The main idea is to focus on young Emiratis who are capable of making perfect moves at different altitudes,” he said. "On the legal level, this category is already in place, but we are aiming to create a distinguished team in this area."

Messages of ambition

Mani Al Marzouqi sent a message to the ambitious Emirati youth who are looking for opportunities, saying, “Every Emirati young man should look for his favorite hobbies and develop them to be distinguished in them. In each emirate, to engage in continuous training, help him to develop and improve his performance, and open him to participate in tournaments and challenges to enable him to access the Gulf and international centers ?.

“My ambition is to create a young generation of Emiratis who can compete regionally and internationally in the sport of flyboard.”

"I am preparing for the speedboat in Formula, and the King's Cup of Thailand for bicycles."

"We note the great development that the practitioners of this sport, as a result of the great encouragement of those responsible in this area, to compete with the largest countries in maritime championships."