• Refinery fire: Eni, alarm ceased, unpolluted air


05 February 2017Another explosion with fire at the Eni refinery in Sannazzaro (Pavia), just over two months after the serious accident that devastated the East facility on 1 December. The fire has already been broken and there are no wounded . It happened this morning just before 8.40, when a blast woke up half the country.

The area concerned is Island 7, in the old part of the refinery, a crude processing plant. The fire was tamed by the internal service fire brigade. On the spot a team also arrived from the provincial command of Pavia, but only as a precaution. No external alarm has been triggered and the damage appears to be limited.

Civil Protection: no danger
The fire that broke out would not have created any danger for the territory of the Alessandria province. The Civil Protection of Alexandria reassured the extensions of the stake, reduced compared to the one of last December that had created concerns and discomforts also in the Alessandria area. However, the situation continues to be monitored also by Arpa.