The police made several arrests on Wednesday evening in the center of Rotterdam during a Kurdish protest in which Turkish Dutch people are also present.

According to the police, fights have arisen at several locations in the center, in which agents had to act. The Mobile Unit (ME) has also been deployed. A number of agents were injured when they intervened to prevent further escalation, the police reported.

The municipality had made two courses for protesters and counter-protesters in advance on the Kruisplein, said a spokesperson for the municipality of Rotterdam. The Kurds are protesting against the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria.

But according to RTV Rijnmond , there were also random people who did not demonstrate in the assigned courses. The atmosphere became grim. Fireworks were also set off by a dozen Turkish Dutchmen.

Protesters then sought confrontation at several places. The police also had to act on Stationsplein and Schouwburgplein. On the square in front of Central Station, the police managed to surround a group of demonstrators.

The protest was permitted from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Police have group of protesters enclosed on #Stationsplein. The aim is to de-escalate and restore public order # demonstration # rotterdam.

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