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      Language barriers in healthcare professionals - language ombudsmen are now being introduced


      Language barriers among employees are a challenge in healthcare in Storuman. Therefore, efforts are now being made to train language representatives, who will travel around the workplaces and act as linguistic support. "It is a big problem in Storuman that I have understood," said Isabella Ardlin, representative of the Municipality of Storuman.

      Earlier this fall, the trade union Kommunal published a report highlighting linguistic deficiencies among health care workers, and called for increased resources to support staff with, among other things, education.

      And language deficiencies in healthcare also occur in Storuman, says Isabella Ardlin. During her workplace visits, she has noticed that the work situation can become too stressful if it is up to the employees themselves to guide their colleagues in the language, while at the same time having to do with other tasks.

      - Actually, it's about time. It is difficult to manage them when you have to work at the same time. There is a lot to do, and a little people.

      "Don't tell the truth"

      Ardlin believes that some employers have sometimes stepped in to talk about what the situation has looked like, and that an explanation may be that you are very grateful for finding staff who can and want to work in health care.

      - You do not want to say that it is a problem, you do not want to make anyone sad. I don't know why, but you don't really tell the truth right then, it will come.

      But Ylva von Wachenfeldt, head of unit at Tranan, Storuman's largest care and care home, does not recognize that description.

      - For my own part, I think it's very important to address this. It is important to be able to speak the language in order to do a correct and good job, and to be involved. When they come and ask for extra work, it is important to be straight and clear, and to press that the language is very important.

      "The staff has been incredibly helpful"

      According to the unit manager, the staff at Tranan have been very helpful in guiding their colleagues regarding the language in case they are needed.

      At present, people are working with a so-called open culture - that it should be high in ceilings, and that employees should dare to ask when they do not understand.

      - If you don't have the language, you have to find out, but I think the staff has been incredibly helpful. Responsive, caring and explained the importance of asking. Dare to say, is an ingredient in the work.

      But Ardlin does not believe that the situation is resolved by expecting anyone who does not have the language to ask when it does not understand.

      - I don't think you do it, you don't want to prove stupid. You also do not know what to ask, you do not know that you have not understood.

      The municipality's two new language representatives will operate in T?rna and Storuman, and are scheduled to begin after the turn of the year.

      Source: svt

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