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      Prosecutors start preliminary investigation into criticized AF initiative Jobskills


      A preliminary investigation has been launched into suspected crimes in connection with the launch of the Swedish Employment Service's multi-million job Jobskills, which will help asylum seekers closer to jobs.

      The preliminary investigation concerns a suspected breach of the duty of confidentiality in connection with Jobskill's launch, states the Prosecutor's Office for SVT.

      The Prosecutor's decision on preliminary investigation is based on the notification made this week by the Swedish National Board of Responsibility, which in turn has taken a position on a notification from the Employment Service, which has allowed a law firm to investigate charges that have been received in the authority's mailbox for whistleblowers.

      The lawyer's investigation showed that the Employment Service was likely to be in breach of public and confidentiality legislation when Jobskills was launched, in that it did not investigate the risks to individual asylum seekers. But the question of the responsible manager Erik Sandstr?m's personal responsibility was passed on.

      The jobskills initiative, which in April last year was estimated to have cost about 90 million, was started on the order of Labor Minister Ylva Johansson (S). It is a web service where asylum seekers should get closer to the labor market by, among other things, submitting and translating their CV, as well as making it available to interested employers. Last year, SVT could tell that Jobskills could thus be used in refugee espionage.

      Did not investigate the legality

      SVT has also revealed that at the time of launch, the Swedish Employment Service had not conducted an in-depth investigation of Jobskill's legality - despite internal warnings, including from the authority's IT security manager. Last year, SVT's review resulted in the service being stopped and undergoing major changes, among other things, the Employment Service's own employment agents can no longer use Jobskills.

      From the Swedish Employment Service, the press department states that “The case now has its go-ahead in the judicial system and we at the authority are awaiting how this develops. The decision to conduct a preliminary investigation has no other consequence for Erik Sandstr?m's role / responsibility than was the case after the decision of the State Board of Responsibility. "

      SVT is looking for Erik Sandstr?m, who has for some time been working on leading the preparatory work for the big change in the Employment Service that the government has agreed with the Center and the Liberals. He has previously commented on the lawyer's inquiry on the authority's website that he feels confident in handling Jobskills, but welcomes finding out if he should have acted differently.

      Source: svt

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