Adobe Software released a free image editing program for Android and iPhone phones, Screen Rant says. The company also recently owned a blog post for its Photoshop Camera app.

The app is designed to edit photos taken on your phone using Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence, familiar from Photoshop on Adobe computers. It can not only enhance images with different swatches, but also swap entire elements, such as blue sky stars while matching other parts of the image to the night.

Sensei infers what kind of changes the user might want and uses multiple filters at once, for example, to smooth the skin in the selfie image, blur the background, and improve lighting. The original photo is always easily restored if the proposed changes are not valid.

However, you may want to familiarize yourself with the camera on your phone before downloading the app. Many new phones already use artificial intelligence to take and enhance photos. So many may already be able to use the phone on their own. The application may still offer a lot of features that are not included in the phone's own software.

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In order for Photoshop Camera to do its job, the user must have access to their images and trust the author of the application. However, Adobe has not given any reason to suspect misuse of the information.

Photoshop Camera can be found on both the Android Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store.