Swedish orienteering star Karolin Ohlsson has had a heavy season. A damaged hip has spoiled much of the year. In early June of this year, she announced that she would suspend all competitions before the World Cup, which was decided in August.

Now comes the next blow. Ohlsson has problems with a damaged heel and is forced to cancel next week's World Cup competitions in Switzerland.

- It definitely feels damn sour. I have been taking one day at a time and binge for almost a year, hoping to compete without pain and do myself justice, ”she says in a press release.

Was injured before the World Cup

The health injury has followed Ohlsson since before the World Cup, which was decided in August this year and where she was involved in squeezing gold in relay.

- When I finally started to get organized on the hip and finally started running in the woods without hurting every step, the heel flared up. It was then three weeks left for the World Cup. The mucus sac during the health was acutely inflamed and that is my problem even today. Heels aren't good enough and I don't want to risk another winter like the last one, says Ohlsson.