Uefa punished Partizan Belgrade with two home games without an audience after repeated racism at the stands. In Thursday's home match against AZ Alkmaar, they were allowed to make an exception and were allowed to open the turnstiles, but only for minors.

Israel's national team midfielder Bibras Natcho started the children's party on the stands with a penalty goal in the first half and a pole vault from distance to 2-1 in the second. The match ended 2-2.

Slovan Bratislava celebrates the 4-2 victory in front of 6000 children. Photo: Photo Agency

In Slovakia, similar scenes took place. Slovan Bratislava has not only had problems with racist fans. Vice President Ivan Kmotrik Jr. was last spring celebrating a cup win with a Nazi greeting. He was sentenced to fines by both the union and the court. When the Europa League started for their part, they were also punished with empty stands.

They got the same exception from Uefa and attracted around 6000 children to the 4-2 victory against Turkish major club Besiktas.