• U.S. Four questions about Area 51 on the eve of its invasion

Everything is ready near Area 51. September 20 has arrived, the date of the call made through Facebook to enter this military area of ??Nevada and "release" the supposed extraterrestrials that many believe the US Government hides in Area 51.

Portable bathrooms , caravans , tents , assault rehearsals ... Two million people have signed up for the Assault Area 51 event, they can't stop us all to invade what they consider the biggest detention center in aliens on the planet in search of answers.

The plan is to enter Area 51 imitating the running of the protagonist of the Naruto manga series . In fact, those who are already close to the area spend time practicing this way of running, which has caused multiple jokes on social networks.

Although the event was born as something serious, there are many who have taken it as a joke. But just in case the US Army is prepared to stop any type of incursion in the security perimeter of the Nellis Air Force installation. In doing so, they can be very expensive since, as all the posters surrounding the Area warn, "the military is allowed the use of deadly force" to end any intruder.

"The authorities are prepared to act against those who try to enter an area where we train the Armed Forces," warned a few weeks ago the spokeswoman for the US military, Laura McAndrews.

At the moment, the raid was not carried out, but it has become the theme of the day in social networks, where again the tweeters have let their imagination fly showing the most comical part of the foreseeable assault.

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