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      Teller Report

      Now you can see non-English news...

      What is the use of unlimited gaming at Apple's new game service?


      In NUtech Week, NU.nl tech editors discuss what concerns them this week.

      In NUtech Week, NU.nl tech editors discuss what concerns them this week.

      Listen to the podcast here

      This week the editors discuss the new Apple Arcade game service. This allows you to play games for a fixed amount per month without advertising and without mini-transactions. Rutger Otto from the tech editorial team has already played for you.

      We also hear Stan Hulsen about a privacy case between the church council of the Reformed Churches released (GKv) in Dordrecht and one of the members.


      • Do you want to respond to this episode or participate in the ringtone game? Send an e-mail to podcast@nu.nl

      All previous episodes of The Week of NUtech can be found here. Don't have a podcast app yet? Then view our list of the five best podcast apps for iOS and Android.

      Source: nunl

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