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infected people in Corona19, which spread from the Itaewon Club in Seoul, has increased to at least 94. There was also a confirmatory at a club where the so-called Yongin 66 patient did not go. The quarantine authorities reported that Corona 19 had been spreading quietly before the Golden Week, and asked for all diagnostic tests if they visited Itaewon from April 24 to May 6.

Reporter Kim Hyeong-rae reports.

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subject of corona19 diagnostic tests related to the Itaewon Club group infection has also expanded.

When the first confirmers came out, the quarantine authorities limited the number of visitors to Itaewon on May 1st and 2nd, but later extended the target to all visitors during the holiday season.

People confirmed so far say that symptoms began after 2 days, but considering the incubation period of Corona 19, it is because of the judgment that the so-called 'quiet propagation' would have occurred in the Itaewon club earlier than this.

He also notes the possibility that there were already a large number of infected people during the holiday season, saying that they do not believe that one or two people may have caused the epidemic of this group infection.

[Jung Eun-Kyung / Disease Management Headquarters: We believe that there was a small number of such infections in the community and that it was amplified through the club, which was reopened during the holidays.]

During the holiday season, as identified by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, if there are still close to 2,000 of the visitors to the Itaewon Club, the inspection period may increase significantly if the time to spread is brought forward to April 24th.

The number of secondary infections by club visitors has already exceeded 23.

Authorities say more than one of the three confirmed patients was asymptomatic at the time of the diagnostic test, and repeatedly asked the visitors of the Itaewon club to hurry for the test.