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police guarded the man who was named as a perpetrator and embarked on a full-scale investigation regarding the extreme choices made by the security guards of the apartment. The man also sent a photo of the medical certificate to the security guard saying he was right, but it was the wrong medical certificate issued last year.

Reporter Jang Hoon-kyung reports.

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is a text message received by Mr. Choi Hee-seok, 59, a security guard who made an extreme choice while complaining of assault damage.

Mr. A claims that he was the one who was beaten, claiming that the operation cost was more than 20 million won and that the disabled could be registered.

He even referred to Mr. Choi as 'the heart'.

I also sent a photo of the medical certificate to Choi, but it wasn't a medical certificate issued because of Choi's injury, but a medical certificate issued in a traffic accident last year.

[Mr. A: There is a part where I was hit, and I was pushed in front of the guard, so the neck disc is now ... Before that, it was a little bad due to a traffic accident.]

Mr. Choi, who could not complain of damage until the residents saw it himself, pledged kind service to the daily logbook.

[故 Hee-suk Choi's colleague (former security guard): When I talked to (the management office), I told you that you and Nana (in contract work) are the same way.]

If you don't renew your contract every year, you can't continue your job as a security guard.

Even if she was right or insulted, she testified that she said, "I'm sorry I can't stop living with my daughter."

[Kim Kyung-mok / Attorney at Ulrim Law Firm: (currently, the workplace anti-bullying law) has provisions to prevent harassment by colleagues and superiors in the workplace, but there is no provision to prevent the sudden death from customers.]

Police are not allowed to leave Mr. A And will investigate this week.

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(Video coverage: Jung Sang Bo, Video editing: Jang Hyun Ki)