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4th joint ceremony was held today (12th) at the Icheon Fire site. Prior to the identification, the police opened the control line and allowed the survivors to go right in front of the warehouse. The bereaved families faced the scene of the accident.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun.

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30 victims gathered in front of the warehouse, the site of the disaster, ahead of the 4th joint sense.

It was a scene that we found again, but we comforted one another with the devastation ahead.

The survivors requested joint participation, but for safety reasons, the police did not accept it, but instead opened a control line to guide the survivors to the front of the fire.

The first fires faced two weeks after the accident, the bereaved families poured out tears.

[Survivor: The clock on my wrist has stopped at 35 minutes. I can't move, I can't move ... .] The

surviving family finds the car their husband had been riding on.

More than 10 people from the police and the National Institute of Scientific Investigation participated in the 4th Joint Sensation Ceremony today and concentrated on the vicinity of the underground ignition point for 2 hours.

[Yo-Seop Yang / Chief, Office of Scientific Investigation, Southern Gyeonggi Police Office: Check the shape of each entrance in the basement and how the fire moves in the basement including the entrance… .]

The police, which investigated 63 people related to the fire, are said to have recently hired construction officials, such as clients and contractors.

(Video coverage: Gongjin-gu, video editing: Park player) 

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