Up to 101 confirmed members of the Itaewon Club in Seoul were identified. During the epidemiological investigation, about 12,000 people were tested for corona19 a day yesterday (11th).

This is the first news, reporter Nam Joo-hyun.

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relation to the Itaewon Club, only three more were judged today in Seoul.

As a result, the cumulative number of confirmed persons in Seoul related to Itaewon increased to 64.

When combined with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the total number of Itaewon-related cumulative diagnoses nationwide has increased to 101.

From the 24th to the 6th of last month, people who visited entertainment facilities such as the Itaewon Club increased the number of diagnostic tests significantly, following the recommendations of the health authorities to undergo diagnostic tests.

It was confirmed that 5,6,000 cases on weekdays recently doubled to 12,000 cases a day yesterday, and more than 7,000 cases related to visitors to entertainment facilities such as the Itaewon Club have been conducted so far.

Seoul Metropolitan Government said it has completed an investigation of over 2,400 visitors to the Itaewon Club, but is sending text messages or verifying information about those who did not answer the phone.

In addition, the Yongsan Police Station was reported to have secured CCTV data for further epidemiological investigations while trying to identify visitors with the cooperation of the police.

The health authorities said that more than one of the three confirmed patients was asymptomatic at the time of the diagnostic test, and repeatedly asked the visitors of the Itaewon club to hurry up for the test.