A man in his 60s threw a firewood at a fire truck that had been fired. A firefighter who was hit here was burned, and the police decided to apply for a warrant for the man.

This is reporter Yoo Su-hwan.

<Reporter> At the

moment when an emergency fire truck attempts to cross the central line, a man holding a fire-stick in front of the construction site is on the move with a construction official.

As the fire engine approached, a man holding a burned tree rushes into the fire truck, and a firefighter who jumped out of the car with construction officials stops the man.

[Attention at the accident site: I tried to carry it into the construction site like a torch. At that time, the fire truck is coming, and the arsonist is trying to set fire to the fire truck, and to set the driver's seat to fire ... .]

Yesterday (11th) around 2 o'clock in the daytime, a report was received that a man set fire to a flower bed around Gwangmyeong Station.

The fire brigade dispatched and immediately turned off the fire, but the suspect of arson disappeared.

The fired tree remains intact with the bark peeled off, but remains.

Two hours later, a report was received that the same man had set fire again in the same place.

As the suspect fired, the suspect ran away with a stick of wood on fire, and as he continued to chase, he threw the fired tree into the open window in the driver's seat.

The fireman in the driver's seat was hit by the tree, inflicting a second degree burn on his arm, and some inside the vehicle.

The police are arresting a man in his 60s and investigating the motive for the crime, but he is planning to apply for a warrant of arrest for allegations of arson and special public execution.

(Video coverage: Youngchun Chun, Video editing: Seunghee Lee)