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It took comic book creator Todd McFarlane's company a short month to raise nearly $ 3.5 million on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for its figure of the character of Spawn, one of the emblematic creations of the Canadian author.

Sold 40 dollars on the platform, the figurine is said to have sold more than 20,000 units. A nice success. A nice success considering the objectives set by the company at the start of the campaign, which did not exceed 100,000 dollars.

A more popular character than we think

The creator of the franchise thanked the many supporters of the campaign, adding that he had taken the time to read the more than 10,000 comments posted on the Kickstarter page by fans. "I never imagined that we would reach the $ 3 million mark when I launched this initiative," said Todd in an official statement.

The character made his debut in the world of comics in 1992. It was however only in 1995 that the first figurine of the character was marketed. For years, its creator has been trying to get a film project back on track. If he has not been entitled to a film adaptation for years, Spawn has however appeared in several video games in the form of guest.


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