Police have been forced into the investigation into a church that has been alleged to have been forcing the believers to commit harsh acts, such as calling for training in the name of so-called faith training.

The Seoul Dongdaemun Police Station said today (12th) about 8:30 in the morning that the light and truth church offices and accommodations are being seized.

A police officer said, "It is for the purpose of confirming the contents related to the leadership training of the church." We will continue to investigate based on the seized materials.

Earlier, a member of the church accused church officials of saying, “In October 2018, I was trained for 'sleeping and holding on to faith' in the name of faith training.

Afterwards, the church's usual 'training to cultivate leadership' and controversy arose after the revelations that the believers demanded bizarre acts such as eating their own servings and turning around.

(Photo = Yonhap News)