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Since this Monday half of Spain is already in Phase 1 of the de-escalation and, therefore, millions of Spaniards have already been able to enjoy sitting down on a terrace or seeing family members again, always following the recommendations of Health to protect themselves before the coronavirus . A necessary protection after an experiment carried out by the Japanese television network NHK has revealed the speed and ease with which a virus or bacteria can spread.

This is a simulation in a buffet service restaurant on a cruise ship in which 10 people come to eat. Of the 10 diners, nine of them are not infected while a tenth is. For this, a gel that is only perceived with ultraviolet light is put into his hand and he is asked to do what he would normally do if he were to eat at a buffet.

The rest of the diners and he continue the dinner for 30 minutes . After that time, those responsible for the experiment turn off the light and turn on the ultraviolet light to check the surfaces to which the disease has reached. Despite the fact that diners have constantly washed their hands during the 30 minutes of the evening and the waiters have taken all the protective measures, they all ended up infected with the virus .

All the diners had traces of the gel, the cutlery , the plates , the glasses, the jugs , and even the napkins . Everything had been contaminated by the virus. The people in charge of the experiment located the object through which the virus was spreading as the lid of one of the food containers, as well as the tweezers to catch the food.

The conclusion of the experiment is to raise awareness of the need to protect yourself and keep safe distances when you are in public places such as a food buffet. The investigation also wanted to demonstrate how the coronavirus would have spread on cruise ships, which have been classified as major sources of infection since the pandemic declaration.

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