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Cybersecurity research firm White Ops has uncovered a network of malicious apps on Android. The people behind the fraudulent app network developed a system that, in addition to defeating Play Store security measures, was particularly effective. A new malicious application was released before the previous one was spotted and removed by Google, allowing the network to be constantly active.

White Ops explains that it took an average of 17 days before an app was removed from the Play Store by Google. However, a replacement was published every 11 days or so, which left him almost a week to seduce users and be downloaded a lot of times. In all, the 38 adware-type applications have been downloaded more than 20 million times.

“What these apps all have in common - apart from their fraudulent tactics - is their beauty-driven purpose. Most claim to be dedicated selfie apps that add beauty filters to user photos, "said research firm White Ops.

There is still time to clean up

Once downloaded, the applications were made to disappear to work in the shadows. Their icon was no longer visible on the home screen or in the application drawer, which made their deletion difficult. They could therefore display advertisements everywhere on the phones without arousing the suspicions of the users.

However, even if they have been deleted from the Play Store, these apps remain active on the phones on which they have been installed and can therefore continue to display unwanted advertising on smartphones without worry. If you see a large number of ads on your phone, it may be worth checking the Applications section of your smartphone in the settings of your smartphone, to verify that you do not have one of these malicious applications:

  • Yoroko Camera
  • Solu Camera
  • Lite Beauty Camera
  • Beauty Collage Lite
  • Beauty & Filters Camera
  • Photo Collage & Beauty Camera
  • Beauty Camera Selfie Filter
  • Gaty Beauty Camera
  • Pand Selife Beauty Camera
  • Catoon Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Benbu Selife Beauty Camera
  • Pinut Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  • Mood Photo Editor & Selife Beauty Camera
  • Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  • Fog Selife Beauty Camera
  • First Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  • Vanu Selife Beauty Camera
  • Sun Pro Beauty Camera
  • Funny Sweet Beauty Camera
  • Little Bee Beauty Camera
  • Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro
  • Grass Beauty Camera
  • Ele Beauty Camera
  • Flower Beauty Camera
  • Best Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Orange Camera
  • Sunny Beauty Camera
  • Landy Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Nut Selfie Camera
  • Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Art Beauty Camera-2019
  • Elegant Beauty Cam-2019
  • Selfie Beauty Camera & Funny Filters
  • Selfie Beauty Camera Pro
  • Pro Selfie Beauty Camera


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