▲ August 25, 2017 Soyang River Dam water gate opening

Soyang River Dam, the last bastion of flood control in the Han River, is reviewing the opening of the floodgates in three years when the flood level exceeds the limit due to heavy rain in the morning (5th).

It seems to be a measure to prepare for the subsequent rain as the floodwaters exceeded the limit level due to heavy rains for the fifth day.

Governor of Soyang River, Korea Water Resources Corporation, is discussing with the related organizations how to open the floodgate and adjust the water level when the Soyang River Dam water level exceeds 190.3m, which is the flood limit limit around 8:30 am today.

This is because the amount of inflow increased as heavy rains fell on the dam basins such as Chuncheon, Inje, Yanggu, and Hongcheon.

On the 31st of last month, 93t per second flowed into the dam at 100t per day and 157.7t per second, and on the 3rd when rain was concentrated in the dam basin, it started to surge 8.5 times from the previous day to 1,327t.

Yesterday (4th), 1,761 tons of water per second flowed in, and today more than 1,300 tons of water per second came into the dam.

As of 9:30 a.m., 2,700 tons of water are flowing in.

The dam yield at the same time is 78.8%.

It is expected that even the dams of the top-class Soyang River will be discharged, as dams in the Bukhan River water system open water gates and flow water downstream, which will have a significant impact on the water level of the Han River.

As vehicles in various parts of the road are under control, such as flooding of the Seoul Diving Bridge, additional damage to the floodgates can increase if the gates are opened.

(Photo = Yonhap News)