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rain continued, rivers rose and the water gates of the dams that contained the water were opened, increasing the risk of flooding in the central region. If you are on the downstream side, around the river, or where there is frequent flooding, please check the disaster message and weather information carefully and avoid it in a safe place.

Then, reporter Jang Hoon-kyung will explain the current situation in the central dam.

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Han River meets Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, and the North Han River, which flows through Gangwon, the northeastern part of Gyeonggi Province, and the southern Han River, passing through Seoul, and passes through Seoul to the West Sea.

Even if there is little rain in Seoul right now, if there is a lot of rain in Gangwon-do, Gyeonggi-do or Chungbuk, the Han River will be forced to rise.

There are 14 dams in the Han River water system, and all dams are now discharging water.

An official at the Flood Control Office said, "It is very unusual to release all three of the Soyang River Dam, Hwacheon Dam, and the Chungju Dam on the Namhan River at the same time.

There are two things to do when deciding to release.

There are two types: the limit water level, which starts increasing flood control, and the planned flood level, which is the maximum that the dam can stably withstand without collapsing.

The Chungju Dam, which opened the water gate in the past 3 days and 2 years, has already exceeded the limit level and only 5 meters left to the planned flood level.

The Hwacheon Dam, which began discharge in three years, is similar to the Chungju Dam.

Soyang River Dam, which began discharge today (5th), is only the maximum water level that the dam can withstand, and only 6m from the planned flood level.

Water from the Bukhan River and Namhan River dams enters the city center through the Paldang Dam located in the streets of Seoul.

Since the Paldang Dam has no flood control function, it is inevitable to discharge it as it flows in. However, if all of the upstream dams are discharged, it is necessary to keep an eye on riverside lowlands even if there is little rain in Seoul.

(CG: Junho Lee)